The Prosyon Advantage

According to Flow Consulting, an independent staffing and search firm, Brazil has roughly only 30 resident individuals with a full life cycle of private equity investment experience. In other words, professionals who have made private equity investments, lead companies over a holding period, and made exits for companies. Private equity has had a long gestation period in Brazil and still has yet to arrive to the level of maturity observed in more developed nations. Prosyon's lead principal has invested in and assessed companies during all points in the economic cycle, held board positions for ten companies, provided assistance in portfolio operations, and exited companies as an investor with U.S. firms with funds with first quartile performance. In total we have transacted or invested in businesses with an aggregate transaction value of $28Bn. We understand the vantage points of everyone sitting at the table and offer this perspective to clients.

  1. Prosyon has a unique investor/owner mentality when assessing companies within the 14,000+ Brazil mid-market sector and when determining the most optimal partner for those companies.
  2. Prosyon has developed long-term relationships with professionals and companies from Park Avenue to Faria Lima. This cross-pollination in investment commerce synapses the inertia imposed by imperfect information in terms of who in Brazil can assist in your portfolio diversification efforts or where can your business find smart money to help think outside-of-the-box to gain market share.
  3. Prosyon has deep roots in the U.S. and Brazil and conducts business immersed in U.S. principles while keeping in mind the jeito do Brasil. So that means a constant movement for transparency, efficiency, and capitalism while balancing issues such as reputation risk, chinese walls, and client relationships. We seek to reduce the translation adjustments for our clients and keep processes moving forward.

Together, these advantages add credibilty and trust which enhances the probability of a successful close.